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Whitaker's Little Book of Knowledge

Description: Whitaker's Little Book of Knowledge
Price: £12.99
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Product description
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An authoritative, quirky trivia book divided into themed chapters. Whitaker's Little Book of Knowledge contains thousands of general knowledge gems: from everything you learned at school to fascinating lists of contemporary 'top-tens', mini-biographies of famous artists and writers, plus condensed guides to films and works of art and literature. In addition, there is a light-hearted journey down memory lane featuring humorous entries on forgotten treasures from different decades and a stand-alone sport chapter with guides to both well-known and obscure sports, key rules, a glossary of terms and short biographies of the world's greatest sporting heroes.

Facts are both newly researched and drawn from the rich treasure-trove of the Whitaker's Almanack archive, which dates back to 1868.

Whitaker's Little Book of Knowledge is a truly unique ready-reference containing fascinating facts for every trivia buff while providing a unique insight into the world from the 19th century through to the present day.
Price £12.99
Extent 256
ISBN 978-1-4088-9588-7
Publication date 17 May 2018
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