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Whitaker's and Who's Who - Our Government

Whitaker's and Who's Who - Our Government
Price: 9.99
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Product description
Whitaker’s and Who’s Who – Our Government 2016 pulls together for the very first time material from two of the world's most respected reference sources. Between them, Whitaker’s and Who’s Who have over 300 years’ publishing heritage, meaning that this title has an unparalleled reference pedigree.
From Whitaker’s, Our Government 2016 includes full UK General Election 2015 results, plus a summary of the manifesto pledges of each of the main parties, and details of government departments under the new Conservative government. The book also includes a description of how Parliament works and who are the key officials, plus a summary of the year’s business in Parliament.
The second half of the book consists of Who’s Who biographies for all 650 sitting MPs, including those new to the 2015 parliament, and for all ministers of state. Find out where your MP went to university, what jobs they held before being elected to Parliament, what are the popular recreations in this parliament, and much more.
Price £9.99
Extent 240
ISBN 978-1-4729-2780-4
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Whitaker's and Who's Who - Our Government: £9.99