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£500 Whitaker's Quiz
The 2018 Quiz should be in all copies of Whitaker's 2018 print edition published on 16 November 2017, offering readers the chance to win £500 or one of ten copies of Whitaker's 2019 on publication in November 2018.
The 2018 Quiz is also available below for those of you that wish to enter but do not have your own form. Please note you will need access to a print copy of Whitaker's 2018 in order to add the page numbers required to complete the answers.
Congratulations to the 2017 Quiz Winner, Kirsty Smith from Perthshire
Kirsty, who has entered the quiz most years since it began, says:
"My father introduced me to Whitaker's, I don't actually remember not having a copy in the house...what I like best about the quiz is how eclectic it is, and how many arcane bits of information I happen upon hunting for something obscure."
Please see below for the complete questions and answers from the 2017 Quiz, which is now closed, and to see a list of the lucky winners!
£500 Quiz answers and winners.pdf