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Civil Calendar
Duchess of Cambridge's birthday
9 Jan
Countess of Wessex's birthday
20 Jan
Accession of the Queen
6 Feb
Duke of York’s birthday
19 Feb
St David’s Day
1 Mar
Earl of Wessex's birthday
10 Mar
Commonwealth Day
12 Mar
St Patrick’s Day
17 Mar
Birthday of the Queen
21 Apr
St George’s Day
23 Apr
Europe Day
9 May
Coronation Day
2 Jun
The Queen’s Official Birthday
9 Jun
Duke of Edinburgh’s birthday
10 Jun
Duke of Cambridge's birthday
21 Jun
Duchess of Cornwall's birthday
17 Jul
Princess Royal’s birthday
15 Aug
Lord Mayor’s Day
10 Nov
Remembrance Sunday
11 Nov
Prince of Wales’ birthday
14 Nov
Wedding Day of the Queen
20 Nov
St Andrew’s Day
30 Nov