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Whitakers 2016 cover
Current administration of the government and a list of public bodies.
Print publication date: Jan, 2018
Word count: 46,480
The Government
Word count: 244
The Government
Word count: 243
The Government
Word count: 78
The Government
Word count: 206
The Government
The civil service helps the government develop and deliver its policies as effectively as possible.
Word count: 447
The Government
Word count: 10,659
The Government
 Executive agencies are well-defined business units that carry out services with a clear focus on delivering specific outputs within a framework...
Word count: 4,225
The Government
 Non-ministerial government departments are part of central government but are not headed by a minister and are not funded by a sponsor...
Word count: 4,292
The Government
 The following section is a listing of public bodies and other civil service organisations: it is not a complete list of these organisations.
Word count: 25,604