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Description: Whitakers 2016 cover
These notes outline certain aspects of the law as they might affect the average person.
Print publication date: Sep, 2019
Word count: 33,201
Legal Notes
Abortion is governed by the Abortion Act 1967. Under its provisions, a legally induced abortion must be...
Word count: 382
Legal Notes
The Adoption and Children Act 2002 reformed the framework for domestic and intercountry adoption in England and Wales and some parts of it extend to...
Word count: 860
Legal Notes
It is the duty of the parents of a child born in England or Wales to register the birth within 42 days of the date of birth at the register office...
Word count: 945
Legal Notes
Certificates of births, marriages and deaths that have taken place in England and Wales since 1837 can be obtained from the General Register Office...
Word count: 675
Legal Notes
There are different types of British nationality status.
Word count: 1,665
Legal Notes
The law in this area is enacted to protect buyers who deal as ‘consumers’...
Word count: 2,128
Legal Notes
Until 1947, proceedings against the Crown were generally possible only by a procedure known as a petition of right, which put the private litigant...
Word count: 325
Legal Notes
If the death (including stillbirth) was expected, the doctor who attended the deceased during their final illness should be contacted.
Word count: 1,670
Legal Notes
Divorce is the legal process which ends a marriage.
Word count: 4,481
Legal Notes
A fundamental distinction in UK employment law is that drawn between an employee and someone who is self-employed.
Word count: 3,760
Legal Notes
On 2 October 2000 the Human Rights Act 1998 came into force in the UK.
Word count: 439
Legal Notes
The Children Act 1989 (as amended by the Children and Families Act 2014) gives both the mother and father parental responsibility for the child if the...
Word count: 896
Legal Notes
In England and Wales, the law concerning juries is largely consolidated in the Juries Act 1974 (as amended by the Criminal Justice and Courts Act...
Word count: 1,746
Legal Notes
The provisions outlined here apply only where the tenant lives in a separate dwelling from the landlord and where the dwelling is the tenant's only...
Word count: 2,332
Legal Notes
The Access to Justice Act 1999 transformed what used to be known as the Legal Aid system.
Word count: 2,184
Legal Notes
Any two persons may marry provided that...
Word count: 3,206
Legal Notes
There are a number of acts governing the development of land and buildings in England and Wales and advice should always be sought from Citizens...
Word count: 705
Legal Notes
Those entitled to vote at parliamentary and local government elections are those who, at the date of taking the poll, are...
Word count: 972
Legal Notes
A will is used to appoint executors (who will administer the estate), give directions as to the disposal of the body, appoint guardians for children...
Word count: 3,593