As usual it has been fully updated throughout and includes:

Whitaker's 2015 Complete UK results from the European Parliament election

 Results of the Scottish referendum

Details of the first major solar eclipse visible in the UK since 2003

Extensive information on British government, education, health, defence, transport, energy and the judicial system

Directory listings of museums, trade unions and sports bodies

Detailed profiles of every country in the world

Reviews of the year in everything from Art to Science . . . and much more.

UN Peacekeeping Forces

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Whitaker's Almanack 1869ALSO AVAILABLE is a facsimile edition of the very first Whitaker’s Almanack, originally published in 1869. A fascinating insight into the Victorian world it features remarkable anecdotes, facts and figures from a bygone age, yet those familiar with Whitaker’s will recognise that today’s almanack still carries the key aspects of this very first edition. Joseph Whitaker states in his preface, written in December 1868,

See Inside Whitaker’s Almanack 1869

‘The Almanack is essentially a Household Book. From it is derived the knowledge ordinarily possessed of the Course of the Seasons, and other Astronomical Phenomena, the nature of our Constitution, and the statistics of our Ecclesiastical, Legal, Naval, and Military systems. In addition to all such information, herein given in an unusually full and complete manner, the reader will discover other and important features not hitherto easily obtainable. He is referred, for instance, to the summaries of the Public Income and Expenditure, the proceedings of Parliaments during the last Session; to Scientific Discoveries and Inventions of the Year; to the Trade, Commerce, and Finance of the Kingdom; and to the particulars of our Municipal and Social Institutions…a clear and concise account of India, Australia, Canada and other possessions, together with a similar description of Foreign Countries.’

Which, I think you would agree (old-fashioned language nothwithstanding!), still provides an accurate description of the contents of Whitaker’s today.

Price £19.99 – Extent 384 – ISBN 978-1-4729-0708-0 – Publication Date 20 November 2014



Monday 4 August 2014 marked the hundredth anniversary of the start of Britain’s involvement in the First World War. To commemorate this landmark centenary, each week we will be publishing extracts from Whitaker’s Almanack recorded in the 1915 edition (which covers events up to and including the beginning of November 1914) and the 1916 edition (for events from November 1914 to the end of October 1915). Entitled ‘Diary of the War’ the excerpts accurately record each significant event as World War One progressed, eventually culminating in the most tragic and fatal conflict the world had yet seen.

As recorded in the 1915 edition:

‘The EuropeaPage 486 from Whitaker's Almanack 1915n conflagration broke out towards the end of July, and by the beginning of August practically the whole of the Continent was under arms, if not actually engaged in warfare. It speedily became clear, indeed, that the German plans of campaign and the completeness of the vast military organisation had been the deliberate work of years. War was declared upon Russia by Germany on Aug. 1, and on the 2nd French territory was entered at Ciréy by German troops, while Russian forces crossed the German frontier. On Aug. 3 the British fleet was mobilised, and Germany sent an ultimatum to Belgium, which led to the British ultimatum to Germany on Aug. 4, on which day, at 11 p.m., war was declared between Great Britain and Germany.’ (cont. Diary of the War)



Whitaker's Shorts 2015 - Governance   Whitaker's Shorts 2015 - Banking and Finance   Whitaker's Shorts 2015 - Law and Order   Whitaker's Shorts 2015 - International   Whitaker's Shorts - Year in Review 2013-2014Whitaker’s ebook editions featuring selected themed sections of the main edition of Whitaker’s 2015.

Whitaker’s Almanack is available in ebook format. There are five titles to choose from:

  • Governance
  • Banking and Finance
  • Law and Order
  • International
  • Year in Review 2013-2014

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Whitaker’s Britain draws on an extensive archive which dates back to 1868 when Joseph Whitaker first published Whitaker’s Almanack. With its combination of facts, figures and commentary on subjects as diverse as politics, finance, royalty and astronomy, Whitaker’s Almanack was such an unprecedented success that it had to be reprinted immediately and is still published annually today. Whitaker’s archive provides a unique window into a fascinating world. Old editions are extraordinary cultural and social artefacts, offering a real historical insight of all the major historical events from the last century-and-a-half as they were recorded at the time.

Whitaker’s Britain includes detailed digests of historical events, extensive information on the British Empire and the Royal Family plus annual summaries, written at the time, on subjects as wide-ranging as ‘Science and Invention’, ‘The Weather’ and ‘The Royal House’. There is also an 8-page colour insert of brand new infographics, using re-formatted data from the original editions to give a comparative history across the decades, and a selection of truly remarkable advertisements, reproduced in their original form.

To purchase Whitaker’s Britain direct from the Bloomsbury website click here

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Whitaker’s Little Book of Knowledge is an authoritative, quirky  trivia book divided into themed chapters containing thousands of general knowledge gems.

Whitaker’s Little Book of Knowledge is a unique ready-reference containing fascinating facts for every trivia buff while providing a unique insight into the world from the 19th century to the present day.


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Whitaker’s Almanack Quiz and Sports Quiz Apps – for your iPhone

  • Over 1,000 questions per app
  • Multiple choice, Guess the Year and Matching Pairs quiz modes
  • General Knowledge questions from all specialities: Art & Design, Business, Entertainment, Geography, History, Language & Literature, Music, The Natural World, Philosophy & Religion, Politics, Science and Sport
  • Dedicated Sports Quiz App, including subjects as diverse as Sporting Rivalries, Football, Curling, Darts, Incredible Comebacks, Rugby, Golf – and everything in between
  • Choose level of difficulty – novice, skilled, genius
  • Score sharing and global rankings

Whitaker’s Almanack Quiz Apps have the authority of their sister print publication Whitaker’s Almanack, which has been published annually since 1868.

Whitaker’s Almanack Quiz Apps – the ultimate challenge!