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THE YEAR 2017-18
Welcome to the Whitaker’s website!
Published annually in print since 1868 and now available online, Whitaker’s is the definitive resource.
Visit our shop to subscribe to the entire website or, alternatively, navigate the site using the drop-down menu on the left and you will be able buy access to individual chapters and sections of content which can be conveniently accessed as and when required.
Whitaker’s content is updated continually throughout the year as new information becomes available from our sources, via the news and our own research. Our dedicated team of both in-house editors and specialist contributors spend a total of around 6,000 hours updating Whitaker’s annually – this includes contacting thousands of organisations and government departments, researching information from official annual reports, and gathering statistics and facts from the most up-to-date authoritative sources available.
Already subscribed? Then you are able to access updated content and statistics straight away, ahead of publication of our next print edition in November.
Interested in the print edition? Whitaker’s 2018 was published on 16 November 2017. To order your copy with a 10% discount, please click here, or visit our shop where you can browse all our currently available print publications or purchase an annual online subscription.
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So, exactly what is in Whitaker’s?
A list of who’s who in government and defence, complete listings of government departments, executive agencies, the cabinet and chief whips; the head of the armed forces, the Army, the RAF and the Royal Navy plus all the other top-ranking key defence personnel
A top-down explanation of the complete system of UK governance: how parliament and the devolved administrations work, the structure of local government and a complete listing of all local authorities with details of their chief executives and average council tax
An account of every aspect of the transport, energy, water and communication industries, from car tax to nuclear energy, internet and technology
Profiles of every country of the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, featuring maps, timelines, population statistics and information on the death penalty, heads of state and the embassies
The current Royal Family, Kings and Queens through history, peerage, knights, orders of chivalry and chiefs of clans
The key calendar information that makes Whitaker’s an ‘almanack’ – dates of religious festivals, the Queen’s official birthday, measurement of time and chapters on astronomy and tides
15 topical reviews of the year including archaeology, theatre, music and weather, written by experts in each area, as well as guides to UK law, education, taxation and stamp duty
Weekly rates and conditions of entitlement to all social security benefits including: Jobseeker’s Allowance, State Pension, Income Support and Statutory Maternity Pay
Listings of trade, professional and sports bodies; historic buildings, monuments and museums and galleries; charities and societies; clubs, national parks and world heritage sites
Sports results, events and records and much, much more….
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